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Roda de Feijoada #1 l Frühlingausgabe

Roda de Feijoada #1 l Frühlingausgabe

Welcome to our Roda de Feijoada following a simple recipe: sunshine + traditional Brazilian food + samba + friends.

You are invited to bring some spices or to be the spice. :) 

So what's feijoada? Back to the slavery times, the leftovers from the big bosses - or sons of a bird - were given to the slaves. They mixed everything with black beans and invented the Feijoada. Served with rice, farofa (manioc flower) and slices of fresh orange. Originally with different cuts of meats. 

Vegan friends, you are also taken care and a beautiful vegan feijoada will be warm and cozy for you. 

The 22nd of April is also a really special date as we will anticipate the celebration of the Sant Jorge's Date and Choro National Day, originally on April 23. We like weekends. 

Yep: good food, "macumbinha" and warm music. 

On the kitchen side we have our "fofos" Dan Timm and Pedro Hostalacioboth experienced co-cookers at the Sari-Sari kitchen and projects such as Nowhere Kitchen

On the music side, you will experience something really traditional, a real "samba de raiz" led by Trigo SantanaValdir Vieira Dos SantosAmoy RibasDA MATTA and Ronaldo Rosa.

DJ: DA MATTA (BOSSA FM) & Friends.

We kick off the live music with a choro session, celebrating the Dia Nacional do Choro. 

Choro is the first urban rhythm from Brazil. The fusion between the European influences with the Lundu, an African rhythm brought by the slaves. The baseline of samba, bossa nova etc.. 

We are pleased to host two incredible musicians from the choro scene that will be on tour in Europe: Gabriel Schwartz and Marcio Schuster

Donation of 3 euros at the door and you can circulate in the whole YAAM complex. 

Feijoada will be served from 1pm. Price: 10 euros

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