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Muntchako - YAAM Berlin

Muntchako - YAAM Berlin

We're proud to host the Berlin tour stop of Muntchako. Three minds, three worlds and a bunch of different influences.

::: LIVE :::

Muntchako ( Zarabatana Records / Brazil )

Support by DA MATTA ( BOSSA FM / Brazil, Berlin)

Presented by BOSSA FM

Muntchako (Mundiais Tchatchatchas Nocauteadores, a.k.a. ‘World Cha-Cha-Cha Knockouts’) - Three minds, three worlds and a bunch of different influences. From Funk to Tango, from Morroco to Araripe, from Ska to Afrobeat, Camboja to Samambaia, from Cumbia to Arrocha: this is how transits the talented trio composed by Samuel Mota (guitar, synths and programming), Rodrigo Barata (drum and samplers) and Macaxeira Acioli (percussion and samplers) by electronic frequencies and world music beats without borders. Raise the volume, move away the furniture and shake your ass !

The source of the group’s musical energy and its wild originality are born out of love for a free and global sound. The fusion of each artist’s wild repertoire, as varied as their eccentric and fantastical costumes, creates a unique and catchy avalanche of sound.

After taking Brazilian and Colombian fans by storm the Brazilian instrumental group now unleash its universal and energetic sound on the U.S.A and Europe.

Fusing elements of Brazilian forro, Argentine tango and Afro-Colombian styles with ska, rock, funk and electronics, the wild three-piece from Brazil’s insane capital city bring a huge energy that sounds like a Brazilian fusion of Buraka Som Sistema, Gotan Project and The Comet is Coming.

Muntchako is like an ancient secret weapon, only to be used in times of necessity, but once you have it with you, you won’t want to let it go !

-> Warm up by BOSSA FM's very own DA MATTA

DA MATTA is a Brazilian artist, club DJ, percussionist and live promoter and is a crucial filter and curator enabling the 'now' sound of Brazil to cross continents through his live booking agency and web radio platform BOSSA FM.

His DJ sets elevate, with one foot rooted in South American and black music culture, the other tapping to the electronic eccentricities local to the dancefloors of Europe. A self confessed vinyl addict, the tower of influence stems from both fresh and classic strands of boogie, disco, jazz, bossa soul and afro samba - blended and cut - often embued with electronic bleeps and bass designed squarely at the dancefloor.