Zeca Pagodinho - European Tour 2016

Zeca Pagodinho - European Tour 2016

Zeca Pagodinho, the most important name in the samba world is about to start an European Tour in November, 2016.

Welcome to the warmup podcast in BOSSA FM presented by Rodrigo da Matta.

Stick with us and get to know more about this brilliant musician and feel the environment that will be waiting for you at the following concerts:

- Colone: 19/11
- Lisbon: 24/11
- London: 29/11
- Amsterdam: 2/12

Buy your tickets here:
Colone: http://www.grooves-united.com/tickets/
Lisbon: http://www.coliseulisboa.com/agenda/d...
London: http://www.eventimapollo.com/events/d...
Amsterdam: https://www.dizizid.com/events-regist...

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Presented by: Rodrigo da Matta.
Sound technician: Pablo Levin

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