Rincon Sapiência presents “Galanga Livre” in his 2017 European Tour

Rincon Sapiência presents “Galanga Livre” in his 2017 European Tour

The Brazilian Rapper tours his new album passing through London, Madrid, Lisbon and Dublin

Danilo Albert Ambrosio aka Rincon Sapiência is the most talked about name in the current Brazilian rap scene. The launch of his video clip “Ponta de Lança” in December 2016 solidified his career and already has over 6 million views. The song has become a celebration to black culture and it’s connection to the African continent. It talks of the empowerment of the afro Brazilian youth that, while taking pride in their skin colour, cherish their frizzy hair, ghetto music and ancestry, all rolled into extremely groovy beats.

Six months on and “Galanga Livre” was launched – the first and much awaited album of Rincon Sapiência that taps into the sound of African music. In it, you can capture elements of capoeira, coco, afrobeat as well as influences of Jamaican and electronic music, all beautifully balanced out under the experienced hand of William Magalhães (Banda Black Rio), who signs off the album’s musical production, mixing and direction.

The name of the album came from a saga regarding the liberation of a slave named Galanga, a fictional character taken from a short story created by the artist, who, after his escape, ventures out into the big metropolis where fiction and reality meet face-to-face. The soundtrack narrates the intricate complexities of secular oppression that black people still undergo to this day.

The debut album of Rincon Sapiência brings a watchful eye to the state of the afro Brazilian population. It addresses pride and empowerment in the “Ponta de Lança” and “A Coisa Tá Preta” tracks, but also draws attention to the issue of social inequality in “Ostentação à Pobreza” and racism and hypocrisy in “Crime Bárbaro”.

Rincon Sapiência, born and bred in the outskirts of São Paulo, is an ever-present name on the main stages and festivals across Brazil today. The artist has been on many of the main Brazilian TV shows and headlined in the main national newspapers. With that said, it is a mistake to think that he has only just burst onto the rap scene. Rincon started his career in 2000 and since then has been scooping up opportunities, be it in improvisation, recordings with other artists, award nominations, featuring in TV ads and films and, now more than ever, establishing himself as one of the best Brazilian MCs today.

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Ana Claudia Luiz
Journalist - MTB 0071949SP